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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Statement describes the privacy practices of the Hotel The Grand Heaven for data that we collect:

  • through websites operated by us from which you are accessing this Privacy Statement, including and other websites owned or controlled by the Hotel The Grand Heaven (collectively, the Websites);
  • through the software applications made available by us for use on or through computers and mobile devices (the Apps);
  • through our social media pages that we control from which you are accessing this Privacy Statement (collectively, our Social Media Pages);
  • through email messages that we send you that link to this Privacy Statement and through your communications with us online or in person.

Collectively, we refer to the Websites, the Apps, and our Social Media Pages, as the “Online Services” and, together with the Property Visits and Offline Interactions, the “Services.”

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At touchpoints throughout your guest journey, we collect Personal Data in accordance with the law, and to serve you better. Personal Data is information that may identify you as an individual or relate to you as an identifiable individual. We collect and process the following types of Personal Data about you:

  •  Name
  •  Gender
  •  Postal address
  •  Telephone number
  •  Email address
  •  Financial information (such as credit and debit card number or other payment data)
  •  Language preference
  •  Date and place of birth
  •  Nationality, passport, visa, or other government-issued identification data
  •  Important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions
  •  Membership or loyalty program data (including co-branded payment cards, travel partner program affiliations)
  •  Employer details (for business-related bookings)
  •  Travel itinerary, tour group, or activity data
  •  Prior guest stays or interactions, goods and services purchased, special service and amenity requests
  •  Social media account ID, profile photo and other data publicly available, or data made available by linking your social media and loyalty accounts

In more limited circumstances, we may also collect:

  • Data about family members and companions, names, and ages of children
  • Biometric data
  • Images, video and audio data via: (a) security cameras located in public areas, such as hallways and lobbies, in our properties; and (b) body-worn cameras carried by our loss prevention officers and other security personnel

We may also collect information about your Preferences that we use to make your current and future stays and experience with us more enjoyable, including information about your interests and other relevant information that we learn about you during your stay. This may also include any likes and dislikes about our services that you tell us about so that we can improve our services, and specific dietary, health restrictions or personal needs to ensure your wellbeing. We may also collect your “Personal Preferences,” that may include details of your special anniversaries (such as your birthday or wedding anniversary), what type of activities you prefer to take part in when staying with us, and your hobbies. Personal Preferences may also include details about who you usually travel with, their relationship to you, and your marital status.

If you submit any Personal Data about other people to us or our Service Providers (e.g., if you make a reservation for another individual), you represent that you have the authority to do so and you permit us to use the data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.


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